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Yara River with romance flows

On the seventh day of his trip to Australia, I dragged my tired body. Today, I decided to spend a leisurely time around the Flinders Street station. The Flinders Street is Melbourne’s icon, using the Renaissance -style golden buildings built in the 19th century. It is the first historic place in Australia and is now used as a subway.

The turquoise dome -shaped roof on the building made of yellow bricks attracted attention. The intersection in front of the station is the hub of transportation with the largest number of buses and trams in Melbourne. At the entrance, the stained glass is decorated on the arch -shaped window and the word Flinders Street Station is decorated below. Under the name, nine analog clocks tell you the stop time of the train for each line. The landscape in front of the station where modern buildings were stretched was unique. It was like a picture of the front line drawing a line everywhere and the red tram passed on the old railway. When you pass this place, you don’t know how to be hit by the pouring people and just look at it. It seemed to have come to London.

I briefly ate breakfast at sushi hub and crossed the bridge from the Flinders Street station to the YARA. Over the long Yara River, which cuts Melbourne, high buildings created a gorgeous skyline. Like the Han River, the Yara River is a routine piece of Melbourne people. It is said that the aristocrats from England searched for land to ranch and settled around the Yara River and became Melbourne. The Yara River, which means constantly flowing river, crosses the middle of the city of Melbourne. The tea time you enjoy at the open -air café next to the midday river has a sensibility that you can only feel on the Yara River.

We wandered around the beautiful rivers several times during the day and night. On the river where Victorian -style buildings and modern buildings were stretched, there were vivid primary colors with street lights at night. Unlike Sydney, there was a classic charm. There were a lot of people from the family at the restaurant that started in the evening.

It was a really good choice to set the hostel near the Flinders Street Station. There are all tourist attractions that can walk around the station. In the morning, I had a brunch at the back alley, Degrave Street, and I had a good geographical location where I could go to the Yara River in the evening after seeing a free exhibition at the Art Center during the day. On the other side of the river were the players who practiced the adjustment. The players in the ROK river in the Thames of London passed by the river. On the bench that was sitting to tie the loose shoelaces, I watched the coordination practice for a long time. On the stomach was white and chubby seagulls.

The luggage of the reality 바카라카지노 that I was in my heart was all left in Korea and walked without thought. We also worked together in the daily lives of cruises that slowly hovering around the river, people of the open -air cafés, and the ordinary Melbourne people crossing the bridge. I grabbed my family and four side by side, so I came to the crown casino next to the river. My legs were sick and I rested on the lobby’s sofa for a while and crossed the bridge to the other side of the river to have an early dinner.

Episode 2 | Run, stroller


Chairman of the National Association of Minors.

The horse was braid at the age of fifteen. Don’t laugh. It’s really. I have one daughter. Don’t laugh.

The horse has found all minor parents nationwide. He is in a funny situation like himself. Among them, I found only single mothers, not single mothers. After having a baby, the minor mother left and the minor father was left unmarried.

In the case of the horse, the baby’s mother is now in Monaco. What Monaco? Really. The father of the baby’s mother has a business in Europe and has French citizenship. Baby mother is 16 years older than one year old. As soon as she had her baby, she left for her parents and left for Monaco.

I believe you can understand the situation a little. After only the baby and the words, the 퍼스트카지노 horse decided to find the minor unmarried women in the same situation. Thus, he found a federation for the purpose of helping each other and helping each other. Unmarried mother, or single mother, absolute envoy. Therefore, only the most pathetic minor unmarried fathers in the world were collected. How much did you gather? You are free to guess. I will not reveal that number. Try it. Is it surprisingly many? Or is it surprisingly written? You won’t be interested anymore.

Oh, understand that the story goes back and forth.

Perhaps some people are curious about the baby’s mother’s story than to say.

The wife of the horse is not yet formally married, so you may call it a wife. In addition, my 15 -year -old husband, a 16 -year -old wife, I don’t know how to call it as it sounds like the story of Joseon Dynasty. I would just enemies as soon as I came out of my mouth at the moment, but please understand it and ask me to go over.

The baby’s mother’s name is Blanc Sherana, French. She’s Korean name is White Ran. Think of the orchids in the white orchids, or white orchid flowers in the flower bed. How neat and dazzling. She says that she made her name Blancé, or ‘Heeda’.

The baby’s mother and the horse contacted each other every day with email, Facebook, and katok. I sneak your parents. But on the other side, he left for Europe with his baby mother forcibly kidnapped. The baby is left alone. Then, the connection between the horse and Blanche was completely cut off. SNS everyone.

Therefore, the horse and Blanche are currently appealing to the UN and other domestic and international human rights organizations to make a petition and appeals to meet and live together. He also appealed to the Blue House, the White House, the French Prime Minister and King Monaco. I wrote a letter using an internet translation site. In this way, the horse is now struggling for the happiness and human rights of all his family and his family. In addition, he is trying to announce the sad stories of unmarried minor fathers, including the end of the country.

Monaco. Does it sound cool? In fact, it’s cool. Husband is in Korea and his wife, Blanche, to Monaco. In this way, romance overflows. (It’s cool……. Do you want to be my situation. And do Monaco sound great? I don’t know if I have a nose or my nose, but Monaco is just a sad word for me.)

One day, he is studying French very hard to go to Monaco and find Blanche. Including English. All other subjects such as Korean, Mathematics, and Science are booming. It is all -in only in English and French. Doesn’t this sound cool? It may be the case. But he is living in the pain of drying blood every day. Please remember this.

You may guess your wife’s family, but it’s rich and rich. Then don’t you know? I don’t know if you already guess this. Jijiri Poverty. That word goes well. There is no parent brother. He is only one of his grandmothers. However, he is not a grandmother, but a grandmother’s brother, a grandmother’s grandmother, and a person who is a person who is a grandmother lives with a grandmother. She is eighty grandmothers. In this case, I don’t know how to calculate the number of villages. Thus, in the Cannes, which shows their relationship with the guardian, they are always used as “delivery people.” In addition, please let me know if there is a good word. An acquaintance, don’t say anything like that.

And I have to confess this in advance, but I met Blanche in the third year of middle school. Blanche is a freshman in high school. When the horse is being beaten by his neighborhoods. … . Oh, I have to tell you this. Blanche’s body is a bit fat, and if he says, it is actually very fat. Her physique is big. (So ​​no one didn’t know that for seven months of pregnancy. Including himself.) But Blanche was at least an angel. On the other hand, if you say that it is a good thing, if you move around to orphans, it is so small that no one believes. It’s like a bitch. Besides, it may look very young. (Of course, now it has changed a lot. After I was a father, I tried to seal her family, so there was no visibility.)

The story missed a little, but when the horse was getting to the bullies, Blanche appeared like a white knight. And he moved with a kick, and then stood in front of the end. That brave, bold and wonderful appearance, not in love with it. In this way, Blanche became a guardian of the horse, and eventually, Blanche was conquered. Don’t laugh. In this way, our fateful encounter was achieved.

Anyway, her 15 -year -old, her 15 -year -old man, was thus devoted to her white pig, or her white orchid flowers. Then he, no, left her to the other country, leaving only a “bloody” baby to her horse. (Honey, how do I live alone…….)

There is a reason for emphasizing “blood” here. Blanc She gave birth to her premature baby after seven months of pregnancy. At that time, she was admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit at a university hospital, and it was terrible that she seemed to have dozens of needles in a slender baby’s body than Blanche’s forearm. In addition, the baby’s body was as if it were not red like a blood. Her skin is thin like a paper, so she looks like that. But in her words, it literally looked like a blood.

It is no exaggeration to say that her premature baby lived thanks to a newborn intensive care thread. In her eyes, she looked like an angel in her eyes, how much she cared for her baby with less than 500g.

But in ridiculously, Blanche was dragged by his parents a month after giving birth and went to Monaco through France.

In this way, our couple came up with life. Her daughter, she left her in my arms.


If you put her baby in school, that is, her 10 -year -old baby, she is on her stroller. Don’t say, baby. No, both. Not 15 out of 27 classes are girls, and they all steal the baby. They bite, suck and squeeze, grind diapers, and bite the bottles. In addition to the homeroom teacher of the old lady, who is over forty years old, there is a baby battle. Besides, other class girls come in. It’s real. Among them, the two girls are the most polar.

My house is located near the hill above the first -class apartment across the new city near Seoul. There, she lives with her grandmother in a room -like room in a cabin. Blanche’s house was the penthouse, the top floor of the first apartment. Blanche’s parents say they have left the apartment and left for France. Are you trying to come back someday? The horse contains some hope here, but she knows that it is actually a poor idea.

The Korean name of the baby is the sky, the French name is CIEL. She reads Ciel. Ciel means heaven. If you attach an adult song of the horse, it becomes Ciel Song. Ciel Song. Not Siem Song. Besides, if you listen wrong, it’s like a song title.

It has become a regular examination date of the sky. However, the stroller broke down, and the horse had no choice but to go through the sky. Her grandmother goes to see another house. So you have to make money so our family can live. The government does not starve by subsidies and various benefits, but it is not easy for the three family members to live. I have to go to the hospital because of my baby while I live like that, and the stroller broke down that day.

He only went to her home in the morning and took a baby on her baby. She is a bus to the hospital. Her back was carrying a bag with a lot of baby goods.

A grandmother asks on the bus.

“Oh, my own, I have a baby and where are you? I don’t go to nuclearism. What is your mother going? Your brother is it? ”

“No. I’m my daughter. ”

“what? daughter… … ? ”

Everyone looks around. Oops! I’ll say my brother or nephew.

“I got married early… … . ”

“How old are you? Looks like a middle school student… … . ”

“High 1… … . ”

“High 1? But your daughter is it? Are you already married? ”

Gosh… … .

I can hear the crazy sound here and there. Among them, there was a saying that it should be reported to the police.

The moment the horse got off at the stop in front of the hospital, the police car rang siren and arrived behind the bus. The police came out of the car and grabbed the hands of the horse.

“Who is the baby?”

The police ask.

“I’m my daughter.”

The police’s forehead is wrinkled.

“Where is the house? Are you contacting your parents? ”

“I am dad, I have to go to the hospital now.”

In the end, the police followed the pediatrics. Then he talked with the professor and came back to me.

“When my grandmother comes home, tell me to call here.” In this way, the police wrote down the contacts. And then speaks. “After the treatment, I take it home.”


The horse was decided. I can’t stand it more like this. let’s go. Monaco.

Open the baby stone feast in Monaco.

In this way, he left for Monaco with his daughter’s sky, Siel.


At the Lyon station in Paris, France, it took about 5 hours and 40 minutes to arrive at the central station of Nice, a port city in southern France. There, he again took a train tram on the second floor of the EURAIL and entered the Monaco Monte-Carlo station in Monaco Principal after 30 minutes. As you get out of the underground station in the form of marble arch and go up to the ground, the new sky is suddenly spread out before your eyes.

The smallest country in the world is in order to become the Vatican, Monaco Principal, and Nauru in the southwest Pacific. Monaco’s size is smaller than Yeouido, Seoul. The population is 38,000 (as of 2021), which is the second dense in the world. Considering this narrow land for a year, tourists are crowded, and each street is people and buildings are stuck. The single -family homes we often say are hard to find, and most of them are apartments, or luxury apartments (villas).

In the face of the stroller, the baby’s sky is burned, the backpack on the back, the baby’s bag on the chest, and the left shoulder, crossing the chest across the chest, hanging another auxiliary bag on the right waist, the center of the smallest small country in the world. I took my first step.

The horse was investigated in advance and opened what he wrote on her cell phone and entered the Office Du Tourisme to get stamping in the passport. Then the staff states once, and then does not sound anything, and he takes a seal with a red letter called ‘Principauté de Monaco’. I don’t know if it’s annoying or not interested.

As I went to the streets, there were so many supercars, and there were so many expensive cars on the road. Monaco was realized that one -third of the 40,000 population was one -third of the one. In the middle of Monaco, the Montecarlo region was standing in the middle of the middle of the Monaco. Blanche’s house is said to be a luxury boutique villa, an apartment in the Saint Roman region. It is a high -end neighborhood located on the hill that is a bit away from the beach, which corresponds to the east of Monaco.

In the Vatican’s luxurious architecture and numerous crowds, half of the people pushed the stroller slowly. I opened the Monaco map that I had already saved and headed to Saint -Ro Mang area. Monaco is said to have a narrow area and can turn around every day. But the horse was not a tourist, so I couldn’t snoop around. He was unconditionally going to the romance area, visiting a high school in the area, and trying to ask a girl named Blanche. If that doesn’t happen, he is hovering with a shop like a store, or if he or she is going to go to the police station and ask. As a result, the country is narrow, so you may find any clues.

Baby Ciel is very good, and she doesn’t work so much if she feeds baby food well on time. Rather, she looks at the people passing by whether she is excited about being complicated.

But there was a problem. It was hard for people to come through a tremendously. As I found out, the area where the horse is coming, that is, the Monaco area is the center of Monaco, and today is the day of the FOMULAR-1 Monaco Grand Prix. The world’s best F-1 car race competition. The competition does not have a stadium separately, but it blocks some of the city of Monte Carlo and turns there. The road is narrow and the road is very complicated, but it is rather a big attraction, so the Monaco game is the most popular than the game held in any other country. However, today is the day when the game takes place, so many people from all over the world gathered. The middle of the Monte Carlo was filled with hot heat, mixed with the sound of a racing car, the sound of the brakes that sounded loud when the corner, the shouts of the people, and the screams.

However, while watching them avoid them, he turned far away and turned to Saint -Ro Mang. In the middle, the famous casino buildings, the royal palace, the Queen Grace Kelly, a American film star, was asleep, and the big and small museums were around the old and small Monaco streets. The blue -blue sky, the intense sunlight of the Mediterranean Sea, which is straight down to the ground, the crowds filled with a narrow streets, and the hot heat that heats up, people with all kinds of languages ​​pouring out here. … .

I went through the people and remembered the memories of things. Blanche said his father was called a car.

Oops, today’s car race!

The horse stopped his steps. And I looked around. In front of a block, you can see Hotel Ferrari Monte-Carlo. And there are many people around them. The hotel wasn’t very high. About 5 floors. The hotel balcony also installed parasols for each floor, and people came out and watched. Right in front of it was a fence such as plastic passage and iron blocking devices, and advertising signs such as cigarettes and cars were placed in several places. In addition, there were two trucks with a red crane, outside the Gyeongju Lane. It is intended to be removed quickly when Gyeongju’s car is overturned.

When the horse approached the hotel, three or four Gyeongju cars were around the corner with a loud noise. The tires seem to be torn. People’s shouts. At that moment, a blue racing car, which was black in a white circle on the front and back of the cockpit, turned around the corner and lost its balance and hit the fence. A player wearing a white helmet and a blue gloves, a white helmet and a blue gloves, turns upside down with a Gyeongju car and slides to the side. At the same time, the screams that people scream around are ringing. In a moment, the surrounding area became a mess, and people flocked, and the ambulance that appeared in a hurry was rushing to the siren.

At that time, I saw a girl standing with a surprised face near the crowded place. an Asian. But white skin like a Westerner. A girl wearing a white dress with a light jacket and a pink hat. And a light blonde dyed. But too much. She was very good for her before leaving Korea. It was really generous to the side. But now it’s very slim. Like a completely different person. It looks like a lot of diet. But I don’t know how pretty it was. Even if Blanche became so slimmer, I could recognize it soon. No matter how different her appearance is, how can she don’t know her wife?

The girl, or Blanche’s stand, was a report that was not far from the place where the Gyeongju car was turned upside down. But the girl’s eyes were headed to another place, not a Gyeongju car with the attention of people. In other words, to the horse. To be more precise, her eyes would have turned to the baby side on the stroller, and another eye.


Joy and surprise. Yes, that is. One eye towards the horse is surprised, another eye toward the baby is joy.

Then, the girl ran. The girl was running.

And after that, a gentleman looks around and shouts. I heard that sound from afar.

“Blanche, where are you going?”

Perhaps if you were a native French, you didn’t understand. But she may have entered her ears because she is a French (Français), which is a glimpse of Coriander.

Yes. Blanche! She is my wife.

The horse drove a stroller toward Blanche, as if he was attracted to Nannam. The cars are tangled with cars, India full of excited people, and air that carries sweet channs. But unless no one is interested in it.

In the stroller of the horse, the baby laughs. He is excited about the powerful dash. Her arms are lifted up. Like someone wants to welcome a nice person. The instinct of the baby looking for a mother.

A girl who turns red to the cheeks with excitement jumps and looks back. man. A gentleman who is running. I saw that person. A person who raises one hand and makes a stop.

The girl looks back in front of her and shakes her hand. No, I was running. It was not a sign of stopping, but a sign of running away. I shouted from my mouth, but at that moment people didn’t hear it properly because they shouted. But the horse was instinctively knowing its meaning.

The horse quickly stopped and quickly turned the stroller. Then he turned his head and looked at the girl. Already approaching 10 meters in front of me. The horse stood and waited. After a while, the girl breathed out and came to the front. The horse reached out her hand. To Blanche. The girl holds her hands and looks back. Then she pushed her back and she said in an excited voice.

“Run away!”

The horse turned around and pushed her stroller with her hands, and with one hand, she dragged her, her Blanche, and ran on her midday Monaco street. With all the strength and full force. Avoiding people around here and there.

Looking back as he crossed the narrow road, the man who was chased was to hit the passing bike and grabbed his legs with his two hands and resempted him again. But he couldn’t jump and screamed. I didn’t hear what I mean because of the noisy surroundings, but he seemed to sing Blanche.

Then, Blanc She is worried about her face, and she turns her face again and makes her arms.

The horse ran again with a stroller. Avoid cooking among people.

The laughter of a smiling baby spreads between the people.

Three people, including two people, or babies, went through the Monaco Cathedral and headed up the hill. The Monaco Cathedral is the place where her body was enshrined after Queen Grace Kelly, a famous American film star, put her daughter Stephanie in her car and died in her car accident. After breathing there, the two, or three, continued to go upwards. And in the middle, he looked at each other and smiled, and later stopped and looked at each other and smiled so that the waist was cut off. Then Blanche hugged the baby, kissed the cheek, and rubbed it on his cheek. While shining her eyes. It would have been like that because of the bite of her eyes.

The two slowly drove the stroller up the hill and sent and received various stories. Laughing and wiping tears. Blanche continued to look at the baby and smiled a happy smile. Then I suddenly looked back, ah… … . The gentleman was seen earlier. A man who is running. He seemed to limb his legs a bit.

“My dad’s company. My dad was busy and that uncle came here and watched F1. ”

After that, the two ran again and drove a stroller.

“Go to the park on the left!”

The girl shouts.

The park was surprisingly leisurely.


The two continued to ran by driving a stroller.

“If you go a little further and go to the right, I have a forest that I often. There is a place no one knows there, but no one is looking for it. ”

The two jumped into the middle of the dense forest. And between the beautiful trees, I drove a stroller on a narrow road. Looking back, the man was not visible. Still, the two kept running inside. And the moment I left the forest, I was suddenly open in front of my eyes. The blue sky, and the distant sea that stretches far below it. Mediterranean. Seawater waters. There he overlooked Monaco’s beautiful port below the cliffs below his feet. All kinds of colorful cruise ships floating with a lot of yachts gathered and leaving white bubbles over it.

“It’s right here. Where I often come. My ajit. ”

Blanc She turns her face and looks at her horse and smiles.

“I came here and thought of my baby. I don’t know how much I missed it. ”

Dew is made in Blanche’s eyes.

The horse raised her hand and tried to wipe the dew.

Suddenly the stroller came to the air.


Blanche shouted and quickly grabbed the stroller handle. At the same time, he held the side of the stroller. But the stroller flew into the sky. Two people together.

The baby laughs.

In addition, the stroller was running forward to the laughter. In the middle of the sky!

The girl and the horse chased as if they were hanging on the stroller.

Suddenly, a mysterious sight unfolded before the eyes of the two. Suddenly, a bicycle somewhere. On top of that was a grandmother and her grandfather. Blanche suddenly ran to the stroller quickly. In the wind, he missed his hand in a stroller and chased Blanche. In the middle of the sky.

Then her grandmother’s grandfather is looking around. Surprised. It is ridiculous.

What is this! What happened?

But this time, her grandmother’s grandfather’s eyes seemed to head beyond the two.

The girl and the horse turned their heads and looked back, and there was a ridiculous sight.

Ski man!

A man wearing a black double -button barbarian coat and a man wearing a black hat, black gloves, black masks, and black glasses is skiing in the middle of the sky!

But even more ridiculous is that there was no feet of the man. No, he did not see his feet. At the shin of the lower legs, I didn’t see anything under the torn black pants. In addition, the man was very hard at Skipol with his eyes, and he was running like a shot.

Nonsense… … . All of these situations were ridiculous, but the two felt more ridiculous than their position. Grandmother grandmother in front of the front bike, and a man of black clothes skiing without feet in the back.

In the meantime, the ski man ran to the side of the two.

Then, a bizarre situation in which the grandmother’s grandfather suddenly bicycles in the transparent blue sky, three people of the stroller, and the last skiing black man flew into the middle of the sky on the sea of ​​the civic. It was. This literally happened.

In addition to this, several paragliders and small propeller flights were flying around and surrounding them around. 그런 중에도 아기는 신이 나는지 계속 까르르 웃으며 두 팔을 양옆으로 흔들어대고 있었다.

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