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Home » Secret Protection Law+Conspiracy Crime+Important Land Survey Regulation Law Opening Events, etc. 22/4/15 or later

Secret Protection Law+Conspiracy Crime+Important Land Survey Regulation Law Opening Events, etc. 22/4/15 or later

The Secret Protection Law+Events opposition events such as conspiracy crimes are summarized after 22/4/15.

(Including non -member of the national network member organization that opposes the secret law)

I would be grateful if you could post the rally information to the post form.

The latest information from all over the country can be read below.

[Chiba] 4/29

[Aichi] 4/28

[Okinawa] 4/16

[Online] 4/23 5/30


[Okinawa] 4/16 (Sat) Abolish the rare evil law “Land Regulation Law”

April 16th 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Okawa Public Hall (Ishigaki City)

Lecturer: Masanori Okuma, Masato Nakamatsu

Sponsored by: Citizen Liaison Committee that does not let Ishigaki Island create a military base


[Online] around 4/23 (Sat) 15:10 ~ ZOOM Learning Society “Let’s follow the local government’s personal information protection ordinance from the revised Personal Information Protection Law (tentative title)”

22/4/23 (Sat) Kanagawa Citizens Ombudsman 26th General Assembly

[Date and time] Saturday, April 23, 2022 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

[How to participate] Please contact the secretariat. We will send URLs for participation.

Email: kana- ombuds@nifty.com

Contact Call: 080-3124-5194 (Secretariat Ozawa)


Part 1 Kanagawa Citizens Ombudsman General Meeting

“Looking back on the Yokohama casino issue -Proposal to the” Interim Report “of the city (tentative title)” (lawyer Takashi Okawa)

Part 2 Mini study sessions and local reports

“Let’s follow the local government’s personal information protection ordinance from the revised Personal Information Protection Law (tentative title)” (Akira Morita)

Ombudsman activity report in the prefecture

* If you have a smartphone or a computer that leads to the Internet, you can participate in ZOOM. If you have never done it, please contact the secretariat (email or telephone above) for the time being.

Members will go on a business trip and set Zoom. It takes about 5 minutes.

[Simultaneous broadcast viewing of the general meeting]

For those who cannot participate in ZOOM at home, we have prepared a venue where you can watch the simultaneous broadcast of the General Assembly together, and also participate in questions. Please go directly on the day of the general meeting.

Date and time April 23rd (Sat) From 1:15 pm

Place Yokohama City Skills Cultural Center 701 Conference Room

(2-4-7 Naka -ku, Yokohama -shi)

Transportation JR Kannai Station 5 minutes walk

Municipal Subway Blue Line 3 minutes walk from Isezaki Chojamachi Station

Relay viewing inquiry phone 090-9293-8446 (Sato)


[Aichi] 4/28 (Thu) Aichi -no -kai/street advertising against secret law and conspiracy.

The secret law is abolished! The conspiracy crime is abolished! Digital monitoring methods and important land survey regulation law are also abolished!

4/28 (Thursday) 12: 15-13: 00 Sakae/Rasic east side

Sponsor: Aichi Association against secret law and conspiracy


[Chiba] 4/29 (Friday) Learning Session “Knowing and Action! Land Regulation Law in Matsudo”

Date and time 2022 (Friday, holiday) 15:30 to 17:30 (scheduled to end)

Venue Matsudo City Gender Equality Center Yuuma Tsuru 4th floor Hall

(14 No. 14 Honmachi, Matsudo City)

Material fee 500 yen

Lecturer Lecturer Gentaro Maki

Online report from the local government council

・ Kensei Inatsu (Fuchu City Council member)

・ Kana Ejiri (Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly member)

・ Katsunari Takayasu (Council Council Council)

・ Shiro Hanatani (Ishigaki City Council member)

* The reporter is subject to change.

Capacity 50 people (pre -application first -come, first -served basis)

In the future of the sponsor! Matsudo Action (Meir Tota, Yuko Okamoto)

Local government members who abolish the co -sponsored land regulation law


[Online] 5/30 (Monday) Lecture “Freedom of citizens’ political expressions protects civil society”

~ Ogaki Police Citizen’s Citizen’s Constitutional Litigation Litigation 1 As the theme-

May 30, 2022 (Monday) 18:30 (Scheduled to end to 20:30)

Lecturer: Professor Koji Aida, Waseda University Faculty of Law

Participation fee: 500 yen, Campa welcome

How to apply will be done at ZOOM Webinar. Please apply 슬롯머신사이트 from PEATIX.

Participation URL etc. will be sent to the email address you have applied for.

If you have any questions, contact No._himitsu @ yahoo.co.jp or his 052-953-8052 (Uchida).

* If you apply, you can record and watch until 22/6/29.

* For those who are difficult to watch online, we will provide a place where only a small number of people can watch. Please contact us.

Sponsor: Aichi Association against secret law and conspiracy


↓ Place / appearance

Sushi Naomitsu stands quietly on the back of the alley, about 7 minutes along the Meguro River. No signboard. I was lost lol

1-28-2 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo EXA1F

7 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line

7 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station on the subway Hibiya Line

↓ Entrance

There are four baccarat invited cats and the Tabelog Award 2022 Silver Award -winning Crystal Trophy. Cats are all together here and this is the only feeling of accomplishments ♡

↓ inside the store

A small shop composed of 11 L -shaped white wooden counter seats. At the counter, there are four Louis Vuitton trunks (large attache cases?), And the wallpaper is a unique space like a sushi restaurant such as Hermes. Cassina is a comfortable chair. Depth with a good sense of distance

■ Omakase course ¥ 38,500 (tax included) ~

Chopsticks are set in front of you, and when you slowly follow the alphabet while thinking that there are miumiu chopsticks … mitsu mitsu (Takamitsu). Oh lol. Kusu (›· ̮ ̮) before eating. Yes, there is a colorful chopstick case that imitates the image color of a famous brand. This is also a humor of humor unique to General Naomi Yasuda. By the way, the lucky plate is a replica of Rosanjin.

↓ Setting

It is not high at all from the content ☆ It is excellent in CP ☆

↓ Shan Cup: Delamotte Brut Champagne

Grape species: Chardonnay 60%, Pinot Noir 35%

5% Pinot Munier

↓ Single seed oysters

Single seeds are aquaculture method. A refreshing taste that is different from winter though it is creamy ♡

↓ Shijimi soup

A series that is sober and super 동행복권파워볼 delicious ♡

A nutritiously nutritious extract that is packed with umami is gently permeated in the five organs.

↓ Burdock?

Burdock’s polypolic texture becomes addictive. I will do a good job in terms of mouth

↓ Kyoto squid from Kyoto

Sword squid. Pure white. A rich sweetness that cling to the tongue. The more the sweetness is chewed, the more accelerated, the umiya ~ ♡

↓ Dobut the luxury “Ogawa no Unai”

↓ Roasted firefly squid from Toyama prefecture

The lightly roasted body has a fragrant and plump texture. The rich flavor of the cotton spreads in the mouth and exquisite!

↓ First bonito from Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture

In the eyes, the first bonito of Aoba Mountain and Togiri ♪ The bonito in the early summer is the leader of the red body as lined up with the tuna ♡ The body is moist and plump. Although the fat is light but condensed, the unique umami spreads. Oni Umya ♡

↓ Chiba prefecture black abalone salt or liver sauce

Plenty of liver sauce, painted, and a bite. It’s delicious enough to take the rhythm ♪ Happiness ♪ Happiness ♪ Happiness ♪

Shari in the shari ~ ♡ Completion of liver source risotto in your mouth‼ ︎ There is no reason that is not delicious‼ ︎

↓ Tokyo Bay Hakuri Hama Mako Dako Yuzu Pepper

Akashi in the west, Kurihama in the east. The boiled Mako is a rose color like a red wine. A bite on Chung and Yuzu pepper. The body with a plump teeth, the sweetness of the flavor increases and is delicious. Really delicious

↓ Chiba Prefecture Takeoka Tachio Fish Salt

Mountain springs in Hokkaido, grated radish

The freshly baked body, grated radish and Hokkaido mountain wasabi, enhances the elegant taste of sword fish. After all, the swordfish is simply delicious grilled ♡

↓ Hokkaido Nominori A small pillar warship winding

The flavor of Ariake seaweed is the best. The pillar is not lost. The warship is useless unless it is a strong story that is as good as the flavor of the seaweed. It is such a consistent that the pillars are working hard to exceed the seaweed and sushi rice. The fiber -shaped muscles have a slightly crisp texture.

↓ Karasumi mochi

Where is Karasumi? It’s inside! A structure. When you crack it, the golden karuku is full. The mochi -fragrant mochi and the exquisite salted karuku harmony can’t help but be captivated ♡

↓ Pickles

If you pumpkin or be a pumpkin, you can put the pickles in chopsticks.

↓ Tuna Yamayuki Purchase Shimane Prefecture Fixed Network

↓ Large toro bellows Yamayuki Purchase Shimane Prefecture Fixed Network

The tuna section is suddenly attacked from the large toro! As soon as you carry it to your mouth, the ultimate mouthfeel that the fat melts quickly at the temperature inside the mouth. The richness and sweetness of the large toro fat are familiar with the shari that feels a little more sour than before. During this time, the taste that draws is alive. It ’s the taste of losing sanity

↓ Nakatoroyama Purchasing Shimane Prefecture Fixed Network

It is the first consistent today. No, the first consistent in the history of me ︎︎

In the mouth, the fat of the middle toro gradually crescendo in the mouth, and blends into the warm cooked shari. The reddish flavor and the sweetness of the fat are completely integrated with shari. The ultimate and full -powered excitement that tuna loses words is also impressive. ︎

↓ Toriku Caviar

From the conclusion, a masterpiece that does not require explanation!

A collaboration between Yamayuki’s Shimane Prefecture’s fixed network and a fresh hybrid caviar (Karuga x Amur) collaboration. This toro feeling is no longer a drink. The sweetness of Takuan and the saltiness of the caviar dissolve in the fat of the presence of the presence! What is the salty of caviar to make such a good job so far? There is no room for these violent flavors to feel the flavor of seaweed.

* Perla Caviar (Perla Caviar): A hybrid caviar cultivated in Fujian Province, China. It is made by putting a seaweed shark on the turtle. Because it is a fresh caviar that does not contain preservatives and excessive salt, you can enjoy the taste close to the caviar with a rich body and mellow flavor. Sharks are endangered species, and it seems that hybrid caviers will increase in the future.

↓ Akita Prefecture Shirakami Mountains Junsai

Aomori Prefecture Oma Murasaki Uchi Konishi Store Gold Label

The Gold Label’s Murasaki Usuni was made only by that Konishi Shoten for Sushi Naomi. Sugo. It’s a proof of trust you have accumulated. Completely eaten with the thurung and throat together with the Emerald Jun. Considering the Bersal Studio to refrain from later, the answer is correct

↓ Let’s regain calm with edamame ✿**

↓ I forgot to take a photo of the water eggplant in Senshu, but I eat it with olive salt, but I joined the sober and delicious series ✿*

↓ The sight in front of you: Tori shellfish

↓ Drying overnight from Aichi Prefecture

It was named because the eyes were big and glowed. Mehikari doesn’t appear much in Kansai, but how about in your area? Hokuhoku’s white body is tightly packed under crisp and fragrant subcutaneous skin dried overnight. You can eat everything from the head to the tail

↓ Kagoshima Prefecture Izumi Kasugo 1 hour kelp 〆

Haruko sea bream is a sea bream fry. In Shomitsu, it is not a traditional Edo -mae sushi vinegar, but a kelp that confine the umami. Fluffy and soft Haruko flavor, a subtle warm red shari that supports it. Exquisite and united in the mouth as if the story and the shari match the speed.

↓ The sight in front of you

It ’s a delicious Amakusa shrimp 🦐, but for me it is poisonous

↓ Negitoro Caviar (Demarks of Amakusa Shrimp)

It’s a toro earlier, this is Negitoro.

It is no exaggeration to say that this toro is a liquefaction phenomenon. Yamayuki Purchasing Tuna Toro, a fixed network from Shimane Prefecture, has a different taste and strong taste of elegant fat in early summer, a rich flavor of green onions, and the gentle salty taste of fresh hybrid caviers. It’s no longer a risotto.

Ha ~ ♡ Your gastronomy and sensuality are just next to you ♡

↓ Champagne Jack Seros Excuse

Disciple “From the customer next door” Miimi “… Eh … ♡”

Thank you for the handsome prince. Very high quality champagne is still delicious!

↓ Aomori Prefecture Anti -liver watermelon Nara pickled seaweed roll

This is interesting! It is a good idea to combine a fresh watermelon pickled in Nara pickles with a sticky sweetness with the sweetness of the liver. This is delicious again! General Naomi, there are many drawers ~ ♡

↓ Kagoshima Prefecture Fisherous Magical Mackerel

Japan’s highest luxury horse mackerel, sendfisher. The purchase price is Kinme Tai class. The fat is gone, the body is firm, and the sweetness is strong. The horse mackerel has been eaten as many as I have eaten, but I lost my words. It was called to Mimi Ten for a shocking taste ♡

↓ The sight in front of you: Luxury Daisen raw sea urchin

↓ Aomori Prefecture Oma production sea urchin (Murasaki) Warship winding

It is Daisen’s raw sea urchin. The top sea urchin in the dopp, just selected the Murasaki sea urchin from Aomori Prefecture, which has the same grain. A pleasure potion that the existence of sea urchin occupies rather than shari. The sourness of red shari and the strong flavor of Ariake seaweed are completely overwhelmed by the sea urchin, and only the delicious memories of the sea urchin are left.

↓ Hokkaido Ruusu Cutting (Ezobafun Uni)

Yeah! As before, no additive -free salt water sea urchin that does not use any alum. It seems that the taste of the sea urchin is determined by what you eat, and Rausu’s Ezobafun sea urchin is a deep and rich taste because it grew up and grew up in Rausu kelp, which is also known as Japan. A sea urchin that is just the best word. ︎

↓ Uninyu seaweed roll & ball

The ball is abandoned because shrimp is used for dashi.

The taste is stronger and richer than the “hole”. The sweetness of the sauce and the fragrant fragrance are strongly claimed. The pepper that has been spinning on the accent is doing a very good job. The scent of Ariake Nori enhances the deliciousness. Delicious

From ↓! This, this is

Universal Studios Japan ︎

“What kind of person can you make a reservation if you get rid of the stupid alcohol?” ︎ The chairman that everyone all over Japan, who came to the neighbor, served all the customers! Thank you ↓ ↓ Haagen -Dazs Kuri Spi Sandwich, from the right side of The Caramel, from the customer on the left, the world’s highest peak Takaro Wine’s Chateau Her Dekem … I love it. What is it! ︎ Happy‼ ︎ It’s amazing to order with a bottle just to match the ice cream. Naomitsu’s status is amazing! ↓ I received the iPhone case of Sushi Naomori’s custom product ✿* General Naomi put on it and put it in the LV trunk ♡

↓ General Naomi Yasuda is a performer who attracts guests with that hand. The extraordinary hospitality for each customer is only as expected. I was firmly grabbed!

In Sushi Naomitsu, the chairman who happened to be next to me, who knew everyone all over Japan, finished accounting with Sala just because the story was fun and enjoyed. ️ About 100,000 yen for two girls. Conversation hours less than 20 minutes. A car with a driver with a luxury watch embedded, and took him to the membership BAR to the second house. The chairman was quickly returned on the way, and I couldn’t say hello … (;;) After that, I came to me and said, “I’m taking a taxi from the chairman.” If you look at it, cash 40,000 yen!ー 😵‼‼ By the way, I have not exchanged contact information. Tokyo is amazing‼‼‼‼ ️ Commemorative photo with the president who was present with the chairman. I was told that I didn’t stamp it, but it was very cool and nice. It should be Motemote. I’m scared if I contact a woman I don’t know, so I’m going to stamp. Not only is it full this year, but also a sushi Naomitsu who can’t easily make the next reservation even for regulars. I wondered if the day I could go would come someday … The other day, the president who happened to find me on Instagram contacted me and invited me to my seat in September. 。 I’m very happy because I thought that I would like to see the president again, but I wish I could meet the president again. I’m looking forward to it from now on. If you carry a sushi to an integrated mouth while feeling uncomfortable in the glittering glittery harder space full of luxury brands … shock! Oni Uma ︎ It was overwhelmingly delicious! Not only sea urchin, but also the finest material that is being released one after another. The sushi restaurant in Tokyo was visited by Higashi Azabu Amamoto, Sushi Kimura, Sushi Yoshitake, Sushi Namba Hibiya, etc., but it was the best three deliciousness! General Naomitsu Yasuda is a performer who attracts guests with that kind of hand. The skillful speech techniques and the full service for each general of Mitsuru are only transmitted because they want to enjoy it. I was firmly grabbed. The disciples are also comfortable everywhere and are comfortable. At first glance, the glittery and glittery hanah, which seems to be strange at first glance, and the flashy sea urchin performance, is a humorous Motenashi unique to General Naomitsu, who is not bound by the stereotype, all of which are the only skill. I was impressed by the playfulness I did. The only sushi restaurant that does not allow other additions. Next is September. I’m not looking forward to it now! General Yasuda, your disciples, your eyes, tongue, stomach, and heart, thank you for a very satisfying time 💗m (_ _) m💗

↓ Today’s outfit 👗

Body conscious and feminine dress. It is decided to be refreshing with a natural green while giving off a sophisticated sex appeal ♡